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Video Lessons in a Foreign Language Classroom.

Learning a foreign language with videos or songs is just a must. Not only students can take a mental break from the daily grind of worksheets (in any classes), but they actually enjoy the interactivity of the videos! I also love to use videos by incorporating them in a flip classroom. I have homework assigned to the videos. I enjoyed making the videos specifically tailored for my students if they need to review for a specific unit exam.

I hope you enjoy the following videos as much as my students do. I will create more videos and add them on my youtube channel.

New Series – French Stories with wisdom reflections – Les perles de sagesse.

Levels: French Level 1.
Topics: Asking for nationality, describing people, expressing what you would like, present tense of regular -ER verbs, expressing likes/dislikes, present tense of verb to be.
Type of learning:
Video, story learning, comic strip format learning.
Materials: Video + Handout with vocabulary review, differentiated reading comprehension (3 versions) + Reflections on the moral of the story.Video: Link
Handout: Link

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