French End of Year Party

End of year celebration/party in a Foreign Language Classroom

End of Year French Tasting

We had a lot of fun during the end of year tasting. To reward my students, we did a French tasting/cultural party. I brought mostly the French items, some students brought some as well, and some others brought some food from Mexico and Sri Lanka! They enjoyed themselves and it was their first time tasting some French food!

End of Year French Party/International Tasting

Overall Classroom Set-up – like a buffet style

Food cuisine separated and labeled by category

Ham Cheese and Turkey Cheese – Croissants

La cuisine française!

Mini quiches et les petits toasts au boursin!

Les boursins et Brie!

Le paté!

La cuisine mexicaine (pupusas et les Takis!)

Pleins de chips!

Les sucettes mexicaines!

Les gourmandises de Sri Lanka!

Les couverts et les boissons!

L’eau à la menthe!

Les choux à la crème!

Les crêpes!

Les pailles d’or à la framboise!

Les cupcakes, on s’est bien tous regalés!

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