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French verbs conjugation – Regular RE verbs endings au Present


French verbs conjugation – Regular RE verbs endings au Présent

As teachers, we are always looking for
little activities that will help our students with concepts they might struggle
with, like to teach regular French RE verbs conjugation au présent.

French verbs conjugation - Le verbes en RE au présent (RE ending verbs in French)

Color by Verbs French RE Verbs – Color by Conjugation – 1 Version (Notre Dame de Paris – French Landmark) – Practice/Conjugate verbe en RE au Présent

Practice conjugating the RE endings verbs in French au présent with this fun, engaging French Color by Code / French Color by Verb activity.  What a fun way for students to practice the French regular verbs endings in -RE and be familiar with the French Culture (Notre Dame de Paris)! It is perfect for mind-breaks/brain breaks, center activities, sub folders and early finisher tasks. 

Teach French grammar and French irregular verbs to beginners using this color by conjugation activity. 

  • Opt to print the worksheet for in-person teaching or
  • as a digital Google Classroom / TpT Easel activity for distance learning. Students can use the color pen or highlighter tool in Easel to color their worksheet.

The instructions of the activity are available in both English and French. This activity is for

Out the French Verbs Conjugation – Color by Verbs Bundle for French 1 Beginners, Core French or French Immersion …

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