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That’s right, another of my students’ favorite activities is the classic color by code! It’s interesting to see that coloring is perfect for any age! Coloring has such a soothing and relaxing effect, students really enjoy switching off for a bit and working quietly on their color-by-code activity.

During this simple activity, I give my students choices. I usually allow them to either sit with their friends and work together or they can choose to do it independently. This is the only activity that I allow my students to use their phones. They can listen to music as long as they complete their work. Surprisingly, 90% of them choose to work with music! I get it …being a middle schooler is not easy, so having an activity where students can have some down time but yet can do some productive work is important!

French Verb Conjugation
(Example with the verb Aller)

French Verb Conjugation and french Culture

My students really enjoy this activity. They enjoy practicing conjugating verbs with this fun, relaxing, and engaging Color by Verb activity. I decided to extend the activity by introducing my students to French culture and landmarks. For example, I use the Eiffel Tower, the Arc of Triumph, the Louvre, etc .. as the image to color in all the color by verb resource.

French Verb Conjugation

(Teach French Grammar Verb Conjugations with Color by Code)

So if you are looking for mind-breaks/brain breaks, center activities, subfolders, and early finishers resources, this activity is perfect for you! In addition, beginners will have fun learning how to conjugate verbs and discovering the French landmarks! This activity is perfect for in-person learning or hybrid learning.

Some of my products have two versions included to teach French verb conjugation.
Version 1:
Students match the conjugated verb with the subject pronouns. They then color the spaces accordingly to using the assigned colors.
Version 2:
Students create/design their own Color- by-Verb color combinations. They can assign/choose the color for each subject pronoun.

Teach French grammar and language to beginners using this color by conjugation worksheet. Opt to
print the worksheet or complete it using TpT’s digital Easel option. Students can use the color pen or highlighter tool in Easel to color their worksheets.
 <You can view the full bundle here for the year-long French Color-by-Verbs Activities.>

The instructions of the activity are available in both English and French. This activity is for

  • French Beginners (French 1) or
  • French immersion.

Be sure to check out the bundle of Essential Verbs in my French Verbs Conjugations – French Color by Verbs for the Entire Year Bundle  Check them out.

French 1 - Color by Verbs | Color by Gramm | Color by Conjugation - ALL YEAR - BUNDLE >>Link

It includes: Avoir | ETRE
| Avoir Etre | ALLER | FAIRE | Avoir Etre Aller Faire | ER Verbs | IR Verbs | RE Verbs | ER IR RE Verbs | Pouvoir Vouloir | Voir Croire | PRENDRE | METTRE | VENIR | PRENDRE METTRE VENIR | DIRE LIRE ECRIRE | Irregular IR Verbs SOUFFRIR OUVRIR OFFRIR | SORTIR PARTIR DORMIR | Boire Devoir
French 1 - Color by Verbs | Color by Gramm | Color by Conjugation - ESSENTIAL VERBS- BUNDLE >>Link
French 1 - Color by Verbs | Color by Gramm | Color by Conjugation - MASTER AVOIR ETRE - BUNDLE >>Link.
French 1 - Color by Verbs | Color by Gramm | Color by Conjugation - MASTER ER, IR, RE VERBS - BUNDLE >>Link

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