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Spot the Differences | Print and Digital Versions for Flexible Learning

I understand that every classroom has unique needs, which is why our Spot the Differences resources are available in both print and digital formats. The print version allows for a hands-on, tactile experience, making it suitable for traditional classrooms and activities. Alternatively, the digital version is optimized for Google Slides and Pear Deck, providing a tech-savvy and interactive approach to learning. Whether you prefer the tangible feel of printed materials or the convenience of digital platforms, these resources are designed to accommodate various teaching styles and preferences. Feel free to choose the format that best suits your classroom dynamics and make learning a versatile and engaging experience.

Print Version
Digital Version


Engage your students with a fun and challenging activity – Spot the Differences! This collection of interactive resources is designed for digital use on Google Slides, seamlessly integrated with the Pear Deck Add-on. Explore various themes, including all seasons and holidays, and choose from two levels of difficulty to suit your students’ preferences.


Digital Compatibility: These resources are optimized for Google Slides, providing a seamless and interactive experience for your students.

Pear Deck Integration: Enhance student engagement with the Pear Deck Add-on. Turn static slides into interactive experiences, fostering active participation.

Seasonal and Holiday Themes: From winter wonderlands to summer fun and everything in between, these Spot the Differences activities are designed to align with different seasons and holidays.

Two Levels of Difficulty: Cater to different skill levels with two difficulty settings. Choose between a beginner-friendly option and a more challenging level to keep all students engaged.

Print Version Available: For a hands-on, tactile experience, we offer a print version of the Spot the Differences resources. Ideal for traditional classrooms and activities, the print version allows for a versatile approach to learning.

In the first scenario, in my traditional classroom setting, when students exhibit heightened energy levels, I introduce an incentive by proposing a designated number of practice tasks before enjoying a well-deserved brain break. I use Google Slides to project the”Spot the Difference” activity. Tailoring the challenge to various age groups, I present younger students with fewer differences to spot and older ones with more differences.

In the second scenario, when a few students complete their tasks early or require a brief pause to regain focus, I distribute paper versions of the activity. This usually calms them down.

In the third scenario, for virtual classes, I seamlessly integrate the PearDeck Google Slide add-on, facilitating online engagement by allowing students to digitally write and participate in the interactive learning experience.

Having the digital and print version, ensure that the benefits of “Spot the Difference” can be enjoyed in both physical and virtual learning environments.

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