French Verb Activity – MAZE

Activities to Teach French Verb Comjugation - Maze Activity

We all know that students don’t particularly love French grammar or French verb conjugation! Let’s be real, even for me, French grammar was not my favorite thing when I was in elementary school in Paris. I can only imagine how my middle schoolers feel. I usually like to teach grammar in context, but having the basic foundation for French beginners is very essential, so with this in mind, I spend a lot of time thinking of different ways to teach and review grammar to make it interactive and fun

Activities to Teach French Verb Conjugation

Today I will discuss on of the activities that I have found to be extremely popular amongst my students.


After turning my boring worksheets into a popular video game-inspired activity, my kiddos suddenly started to love conjugating verbs! First, you have to watch for their reactions, the first time you hand out the maze activity. It’s like zombies becoming alive!! Then, you will hear them loudly exclaim “Oh cool!” Yes, that’s the cool factor that makes students want to participate, even the usual reluctant students, they jump into the wagon.

This activity is inspired by the video game Mario. Students need to help the main character move through the maze to reach the end pipe in this Maze activity.

French Verb Conjugation
(Example with multiplications)

Students will conjugate the verbs as they move along the path and they will need to highlight the path that leads them to the exit. By incorporating video games into your French grammar lesson, you will increase engagement. Your students will love completing the activity.

French Verb Conjugation
(Example with the verb Avoir, Être, Aller, Faire)

In the event that your students need extra stimulation, I created this activity with an extension version as well. In the extension version, students need to conjugate the verb and translate the sentence. 

French Verb Conjugation
(Example with the verb Avoir)

This activity can also be used as an
exit ticket. I tend to choose 5 - 8 sentences or verbs and ask my students to conjugate them or translate them.

 Is it offered as a digital resource?

Yes, it is!

You can download the .pdf and print the activity
for in-class teaching. For online teaching, this resource is also compatible with TpT’s Easel activities, giving you more options to suit your students’ needs.

In Easel, for activity 1, students use the highlight tool to mark the route that the character uses to escape the maze. In activity 2, students type in their answers inside the textboxes.
You can assign this activity to Google Classroom.

This maze is available for all Beginner French verb conjugation and it’s perfect for French 1 or French immersion. <You can view the full bundle here for the year-long French Verbs Maze Activities.>

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