Ask Ask Switch – French Vocabulary Activity

Mastering French Vocabulary: Cooperative Learning with Ask Ask Switch!

Ask Ask Switch Showdown: Communication in Action!
“Ask Ask Swicth” is a cooperative learning strategy that promotes active engagement, interaction, and collaboration among students. It is particularly effective for reinforcing knowledge, reviewing content, or practicing skills in a dynamic and social manner. The strategy involves students asking and answering questions in pairs, exchanging information with their peers. Here are step-by-step instructions for implementing the “Ask Ask Switch” strategy:

Instructions for “Ask Ask Switch”:

  1. Print the Cards:

    • Each card should contain a question and the answer at the bottom. 
  2. Distribute Cards:

    • Hand out one question card to each student in the class. Ensure that each student receives a card with a unique question/vocabulary.
  3. Pair Up:

    • Have students pair up with a partner. Encourage them to find someone they haven’t worked with recently or don’t know well.
  4. Ask and Answer:

    • In their pairs, students take turns asking their partner the question/vocabulary on their card. Students will hide the bottom part of the card with the answer. The partner responds with the answer. Both students should listen actively to each other.
      For example: Partner 1 asks Partner 2 the question on her card. Partner 2 answers (or admits he/she doesn’t know). Partner 1 acknowledges a correct answer or coaches the answer, if needed.
      The process reverses with Partner 2 asking the questions.
  5. Switch Cards:

    • After both students have asked and answered their questions, they switch cards with each other. This step is essential for maintaining the interactive nature of the activity.
  6. Find a New Partner:

    • Once the cards are switched, students move around the room, seeking new partners to engage with. The goal is for each student to interact with multiple peers.
  7. Repeat the Process:

    • The process continues as students pair up, ask and answer questions, switch cards, and find new partners. This cycle repeats for a predetermined amount of time or until all students have interacted with a variety of classmates.
  8. Closure:

    • Conclude the activity by bringing students back together as a class. You can facilitate a brief discussion, ask for insights, or summarize key points covered during the activity.

Tips for Success:

  • Clear Instructions: Provide clear instructions at the beginning of the activity, ensuring that students understand the process and goals.

  • Time Management: Set a timer for each round to keep the activity moving at a brisk pace.

  • Monitoring and Support: Circulate throughout the room to monitor student interactions, offer support if needed, and ensure that everyone is participating.

By implementing “Ask Ask Switch,” you can create an engaging and interactive learning environment that encourages collaboration and reinforces content knowledge among students.

Playing "Ask Ask Switch", communication is key! Pair up, ask questions, and switch partners in this lively exchange that not only reinforces vocabulary but also cultivates essential communication skills. Get ready for a showdown of linguistic prowess! >>Link



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