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ER, IR, RE French Verbs – Game

ER, IR, RE French Verbs (Verbes) Review Game – Millionaire Game Review (editable)
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Review ER IR RE French Verbs (Verbes) by playing the famous game show “who wants to be a millionaire?” “Qui veut gagner des millions?”

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Powerpoint Template with printing cards and video tutorial.

Video demo/tutorial:

This is a fun activity/game to review important concepts, end of unit. This powerpoint template is easy to use and teachers can edit the template as they see fit. Included: * Easy to use/edit powerpoint * Video tutorial is provided here to show you how to make the changes. * Printable Lifeline cards * Printable answer key A,B,C,D for the “ask the audience/class” *The extra bonus cards will bring your class to the next level of the popular TV game show. * 15 Questions

Total of 42 pages Options to set up the class for the game: Students can form into groups or work individually to answer the questions. Students are allowed to “call” another person/team for help, ask the team, or get a hint from the teacher to split the amount 50/50. 42 slides. Single user license. Not for commercial use.

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