French 1Sub Plan

French Substitute Plan/Sub Plans – Easy Print&Go with 6 activities For any Level

Here is the link to all the substiture resources on the HoustonFrenchTeacher TPT Store.

French Substitute Plan – Easy Print and Go with 6 activities as Sub Plan
This is a very easy sub plan for any level! I rarely have a substitute who knows French, so I always rely on this plan in order for my students to stay productive while I am absent. I usually print out the vocabulary set/list for my next chapter or current chapter (depending if I want them to master the current vocabulary or get prepared for the next unit) and assign the activities to practice their vocabulary. The 6 activities should keep your students busy. I teach a block schedule of 90 minutes and most of my students just finish on time. This product contains 6 activities that go with a vocabulary list/set:
*Activity 1 – Copying Vocabulary
*Activity 2 – Word Search
*Activity 3 – Matching Vocabulary
*Activity 4 – Writing
*Activity 5 – Picture Vocabulary
*Activity 6 – Matching Square Vocabulary Puzzle
Included in this set:
-Cover page – 1 page
-Teacher’s notes to students – 1 page
– Activities – 7 pages
Total of 12 pages
>> French Level 1 Vocabulary List Study Guide (All themes: school,clothing,food…)

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