French 1Sub PlanT'es Branche 1

TEB T’es branché 1 Unit 5C – Level 1 Sub Plan Vocab & Structure

Here is the link to all the substiture resources on the HoustonFrenchTeacher TPT Store.

TEB T’es branché 1 Unit 5C – L’Afrique Francophone TEB 1.5C – T’es Branché Level 1 – Unit 5B – L’Afrique Francophone – French Sub Plan including Vocabulary & Structure Notes. Going to be absent for a day but you do not want your students to be behind in the curriculum? This is the best French Substitute plan for teachers who are using T’es Branché textbook. This is the Sub plan that I am relying when I need to be absent. I have notes for all the Vocabulary List/Set for the specific units and all the Structure Notes that need to be covered in the textbook.
This French Substitute Plan is as easy as Print and Go with 6 activities. I write clear expectations to my students on the sub packet and assign the activities to practice their vocabulary and grammar. The 6 activities should keep your students busy. I teach a block schedule of 90 minutes and most of my students just finish on time. My students actually enjoyed the packets as the activities are fun and my sub teachers have been pleased as my students knew what they were expected to complete during my absence.
This product contains 6 activities:
*Activity 1 – Copying Vocabulary
*Activity 2 – Word Search (create your own)
*Activity 3 – Matching Vocabulary (create your own)
*Activity 4 – Writing
*Activity 5 – Picture Vocabulary (create your own)
*Activity 6 – Matching Square Vocabulary Puzzle (create your own)
TEB NOTES – Content included:
Notes – Vocabulary – TEB 1 – Unit 5C – L’Afrique Francophone
Notes – Vocabulary – TEB 1 – Unit 5C – Professions and jobs
Notes – Vocabulary – TEB 1 – Unit 5C – Conversation (how do I find out what someone’s profession is?/ how do I state my profession?/How do I ask where someone comes from?/How do I say where I come from?)
Notes – Structure – TEB 1 – Unit 5C – C’est vs. il/elle est
Notes – Structure – TEB 1 – Unit 5C – Present tense of verb VENIR
Notes – Structure – TEB 1 – Unit 5C – De + Definite Article and Venir De (different forms)
Included in this set:
-Cover page – 1 page
-Teacher’s notes to students – 1 page
– Vocab Notes – 2 pages
– Structure Notes – 1 page
– Activities – 7 pages
Total of 13 pages

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