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French Halloween Project – French Likes Dislikes Les loisirs (French Leisure)

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Product Description
French Halloween Project – French Likes Dislikes Les loisirs (French Leisure) – Les Hobbies – Les Passes Temps.

If you are looking for something fun and productive during Halloween, this will be a perfect mini project for the class. Students will be creating a foldable by pretending to detail what their favorite Halloween characters likes or dislikes. Students will draw 8 characters with the activities and will need to write 16 sentences.

In this project, students will:
* learn the French Halloween vocabulary
* practice the activities/hobbies in French
* practice “Aimer” and negative form of “Aimer” (n’aime pas)
For advanced levels, students can expand by explaining why the characters like certain activities (incorporating “parce que …”)

The final project is actually quite fun to read, especially for level 2 students when they come up with the reasons.

This resource is included as a PDF file and the rubric/scope as a separate word document so teacher can edit accordingly – in a zipped file.
This product includes:
* rubric/scope – 2 pages (.pdf file)
* rubric/scope – 2 pages (editable word document file)
* foldable page – 1 page
* Halloween project – handout – 2 pages
* student’s examples – 3 pages

Total Pages: 10 pages
Keywords: French Halloween, French Halloween Project, French Likes Dislikes, French Activities, Les Loisirs, Les passe-temps.

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