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T’es branche guided notes Vocab List Structure Level 1 TEB 1 Unit 7C – No Prep!

Here is the link to all the guided notes resources on the HoustonFrenchTeacher TPT Store.

This is perfect for teachers who are just adapting to T’es Branché as their new book! No prep needed, just print and go! T’es branché Guided Notes for Vocabulary, Structure & Conversation. TEB T’es branché 1 Unit 7C – La Technologie. TEB 1.7C – T’es Branché Level 1 – Unit 7C – La Technologie (French Technology). If you are looking for some guided notes that go along with T’es Branché textbook, this will be perfect for you! I am using those guided notes in my class for my students. This product for each unit contains everything you need that is covered in the book (except the culture part).
My students enjoyed my guided notes and found them useful as the layout of those guided notes are very well organized and clear so students can find the information very easily. Also, they like that it doesn’t look too boring too!This product contains notes for: Vocabulary, all the Structures covered in the book and Conversation piece. This product contains 3 versions for each notes: Version A: French/English – both filled (It can be your key or teacher’s notes) Version B: French – blank/English filled – Students will fill-in the notes in French Version C: French Filled/English – blank – Students will fill-in the notes in English. For the STRUCTURE guided notes, there are also three versions: Version A: Sheet all filled (It can be your key or teacher’s notes) Version B: Some fill-in blanks for important concepts (I usually use this one with my students) Version C: Most fill-in blanks for Teacher to have the freedom to explain the concept the way they wish.
TEB NOTES – Content included: 3 Versions for each!
Notes – Vocabulary – TEB 1 – Unit 7C – La Chambre
Notes – Vocabulary – TEB 1 – Unit 7C – La Technologie

Notes – Vocabulary 
– TEB 1 – Unit 7C – Conversation (How do I say I don’t understand?/ How do I talk about computer?)
Notes – Structure – TEB 1 – Unit 7C – Present tense of verb Pouvoir
Included in this set:
-Cover page – 1 page
-Guided Notes – 6 pages
Total of 9 pages

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