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French weather activities – Le Temps Activities Scavenger Hunt Game

Here is the link to all FRENCH Weather – (La météo) – resources on the HoustonFrenchTeacher TPT Store.

Product Description
French weather activities -Le Temps Activities Scavenger Hunt Game – La Chasse aux Mots – Vocabulary Game. (24 French Body Parts (Le Temps) Vocabulary to practice) All Ready to print – No prep!

Looking for a fun activity to practice French Weather (Le Temps)? This is a great way for students to learn the French Weather (Le Temps) vocabulary.

What a great way to learn the new vocabulary of French Weather (Le Temps)! Hide the 24 cute word wall cards in the classroom and enjoy watching your students playing this classic Scavenger Hunt game!

French Weather Activities (Le Temps activities) Scavenger Hunt Game includes two versions of checklist. It’s differentiated for younger/older kids. Older students will need to write the new vocabulary on their answer sheet.
Once you are done playing the game, you can keep the cards as word wall in your classroom. Great fun and super cute decorations for your classroom!
French Weather Activities (Le Temps) Scavenger Hunt Game
Included in this set:
-Cover page – 1 page
– Checklist version 1 – 1 page in color
– Checklist version 2 – 1 page in color
– Vocabulary Word Wall Cards – 6 page in color (4 cards per page/Total 24 Saint Valentin Vocabulary Words)
Total of 11 pages

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