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How to Teach French Verb Conjugation – PART 1


How to Teach French Verb Conjugation

As teachers, we are always looking for
little activities that will help our students with concepts they might struggle
with, like to teach French Verb conjugation.

Many of my students find it tricky to
conjugate the verb in French
.  I created
the French Verb Race Game to teach and practice
French verb conjugation.  This is a fun,
interactive game for my students to use as consolidation of the work learned. The
name for this activity was inspired by me frequently telling my students that
they ‘must ace grammar’ (well certain rules anyway).  And so, I used the play on words for

How to teach French Grammar and French Verb for French Beginners? PART 1. This French Verb Race Game will add some FUN into your next French grammar lesson! It focuses on all French 1 verbs & Students will race conjugating French verbs! Increase engagement, focus & learning with games when teaching French grammar to kids. This French for beginners grammar game is available in PRINT & DIGITAL & perfect for in person learning or hybrid learning. Great for French language centers, as a French vocabulary game center, virtual learning games & homeschool.

Must-Ace Grammar / Moustache Grammaire

How to Teach French Verb Conjugation

(Example for the verb Avoir)

How to play this game…

How to Teach French Verb Conjugation

The aim of the game is to color as
many moustaches as possible
.  Students do
this by conjugating the example called out by the teacher and finding it on
their page before their partner does. 
Let’s look at the instructions a little closer:

Students are divided into pairs or groups of three. I
recommend you do not have larger groups than this, and pairs are ideal.

Students choose a colored marker, highlighter or pen.

The teacher then calls out the subject and infinitive,
either in French or in English. For example: “We + To Be” or “Nous + Être”

Students race to find the correct conjugated verb on
the page. The first to find the word, colors the moustache in their color.

What happens if they find the word at the same time? No
problem, each student colors half of the moustache in.

How to Teach French Verb Conjugation

Sometimes students are lucky to find two of the same
verbs, so they can each color a moustache in.

How to Teach French Verb Conjugation

Students count up their moustaches at the end of the
game to see who found the most.

How to Teach French Verb Conjugation

It is so versatile…

This game is offered as a printable
as well as a digital resource which can be used in Google Slides,
Jamboard, and as a TpT Easel Activity
If used in a digital setting, this activity can be used as a whole class
game or in a breakout room in pairs or groups of three. This activity is perfect for in-person learning or hybrid

This is by far one of my students’
favorite games to review their grammar
Because it is fairly easy to prepare and quick to play, we can fit in a
game when there are only a few minutes to spare at the end of the lesson. This
keeps concepts fresh in their minds, despite it being taught in the past. I
hope your students will enjoy it as much as mine.

It is also useful  in the middle of the lesson to re-energize
students as they usually get very competitive during this highly engaging game.
Students love playing this game, so you can also use it as a reward.  This motivates students to work hard to complete
regular grammar worksheets first.

 Leave a comment below to share your
experiences with this game.

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I have also created a range of Color by Verbs – Color by Conjugation for French
learners.  Check them out.

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