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I love using interactive games when I teach French. I believe that if I am bored teaching a lesson, the students must be at least 10 times much more bored that I am. I try to break away the routines, daily grind by adding some fun games on a regular basis. Incorporating French classroom games is a great way to motivate the students. I use them as an incentives for them to complete their work before we can move on to the games. I usually follow the model of: acquire the knowledge, practice the knowledge and then play the games with what you learned and earn prices! Students are much more engaged when they know they will be able to compete or have fun with their friends.

Here are the games resources on the HoustonFrenchTeacher TPT store:

* ER, IR, RE French Verbs (Verbes) Review Game – Millionaire Game Review (editable)

French Question Word – Les mots interrogatifs – GAME REVIEW – Flyswatter game

Fourniture scolaire French School Supplies, Numbers – The price is right Game

Les verbes en ER (ER verbs) – Present tense

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