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French Projects for Middle School or High School

I love using French projects at the end of each unit/theme to assess my students. It’s also a fun way for them to get creative and be able to learn through real life scenario.

If you are in a need of some french project based learning ideas to use in your classroom, please come back and visit this page on a regular basis. I will upload only projects that were successful with my classes.
Here are the project based learning resources on the HoustonFrenchTeacher TPT store:
* Ma famille – French Family Project

This is a very fun project for students where they create a family album of their 4 favorite family members and make a family tree. Students will write a general presentation of their family on the cover page and describe fully 4 family members inside the photo album booklet. It’s a ready for use project. Teachers can just print the project requirement page, rubrics and the photo album templates or use powerpoint as a choice. Students can draw their family or use real photos. Students can present their family tree to the class.

Criterias for the project:

* avoir + age

* être and descriptive adjectives (with agreement)

* verb aller and faire

* family vocabulary

* possessive adjectives

* verbs of preference in sentences (aimer, préférer, adorer, détester)

* sentence structure in the affirmative and negative


* French clothing unit catalog project – Catalogue de vêtements Online Store

This is a very fun project for students where they are the fashion designer getting ready to put out a catalog with their latest clothing line. Their job is to create a catalog for their online store with a detailed description of each item.

It’s a ready for use project. Teachers can just print the project requirement page, rubrics and the templates for their online store. The final product is a booklet catalog
Students can draw their own illustrations, use cut-outs from magazine or use the included clip-arts.

* French Daily Routine – La Routine Quotidienne

This is a ready for use project. Teachers can just print the project requirement page, rubrics and the 21 slides templates where students can draw their daily routines and write the corresponding French sentences. This project can be used in a multiple ways/options, students can just follow the scope and use their imagination to create the project. Students examples and videos are included for demonstration. Students will first introduce, describe themselves then talk about their daily routines (morning, daytime, after school, night and week-end). Students will have to use reflexive verbs and also incorporate transition words. Teachers can use this project for either present or passé compose tense.

Video of student’s example 1:

Video of student’s example 2:


* Faire les courses – French Grocery Shopping French Food La Nourriture PROJET

Faire les courses – French Grocery Shopping French Food La Nourriture PROJET

Students will practice their vocabulary on Grocery shopping by creating this fun project where students are in Paris for vacation and they are to visit all the different specialty stores! Their job is to write about the different products they find in each specialty store using the correct some, quantifiers etc…

It’s a ready for use project. Teachers can just print the project requirement page, rubrics and the templates.

Practice on vocabulary:
* La boulangerie/patisserie

* La boucherie/charcuterie

* La poissonnerie

* Le marchand de fruits et legumes

* La crèmerie

* L’épicerie

Practice on structure:
* transition word (D’abord, ensuite, après, plus tard, finalement …) + verb Aller.

* verb Vendre and the correct SOME: du, de la, de l’, des).

* verb Acheter and the quantifiers: beaucoup de/un peu de/trop de, assez de …

* verb Acheter and the appropriate quantities depending on the product you are buying:

une tranche de,
Un kilo de,

Un morceau de,

Un gramme de,

Un litre de,
une livre de,
Une brique de,
Un paquet de,
Une bouteille de,
Une pièce,
Une boîte de,
Une barquette de,
Un pot de,
Une douzaine de


* French Halloween Project – French Likes Dislikes Les loisirs (French Leisure) – Les Hobbies – Les Passes Temps.

Halloween usually falls around when I am teaching the French hobbies and what students likes and dislikes.

If you are looking for something fun and productive during Halloween, this will be a perfect mini project for the class. Students will be creating a foldable by pretending to detail what their favorite Halloween characters likes or dislikes. Students will draw 8 characters with the activities and will need to write 16 sentences.

In this project, students will:
* learn the French Halloween vocabulary
* practice the activities/hobbies in French
* practice “Aimer” and negative form of “Aimer” (n’aime pas)
For advanced levels, students can expand by explaining why the characters like certain activities (incorporating “parce que …”)

The final project is actually quite fun to read, especially for level 2 students when they come up with the reasons.


Pays Francophones – FRANCOPHONIE (French Speaking Countries) Distance Learning

<link to the French Speaking Countries Projects>

Pays Francophones – FRANCOPHONIE (French Speaking Countries) Distance Learning & Printable – PROJET -INFOGRAPHIC

FRENCH DISTANCE LEARNING PROJECT AND PRINTABLE for any PLATFORM (Google Classroom™ Distance Learning, Microsoft Teams™ Distance Learning, compatible to any learning system platform! And fully Editable! There is a file version for Google Classroom™ and one file version for all other learning management systems!

If you are looking for resources that are compatible for any learning management system, here is a French Project on La Francophonie, French Speaking Countries – for print and distance learning. Need some nice visuals for your classroom, every year, I love to hang those around my class! The completion of this project is beautiful!

Having to move from Google Classroom to Microsoft Teams, I told myself that I need resources that will be compatible for any platforms.

As a teacher, we have already so many things on our plate and I truly do not like to replicate my work unnecessarily. So during Spring, as I was working with my classes and coming up with new digital resources, I decided this time to create a new product line where I can always use my resources no matter what school district I end up working with. I also needed a digital resource that can be self-assessed, without needing me to spend more time to grade! And I do not want to pay extra money or a yearly fee to be able to use any other apps.

My ultimate and primary goal has to always make sure that my students are engaged and have fun while learning/practicing their materials. So I hope your students will enjoy my new product line: Magic Picture as much as my kiddos. This was their most favorite activity because they were super eager to discover the hidden picture while solving their problems!

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