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AVOIR/ETRE French Verb Race Game -grammar/conjugation game (MOUSTACHE GRAMMAIRE)

Here is the link to all French Verb/ French Grammar/French Conjugation Game/French Verb Race Game – resources on the HoustonFrenchTeacher TPT Store.

Each product is also available for other verbs. If a specific verb is not yet available, please check back later or follow my store for updates. All verbs will eventually be added, thank you so much for your patience!

Product Description
AVOIR/ETRE French Verb Race Game – grammar/conjugation game – MOUSTACHE GRAMMAIRE (Must-Ace Grammar) All Ready to print – No prep!

This new product line: MOUSTACHE GRAMMAIRE is a play on word for “MUST-ACE GRAMMAR)! I came up with this name because I was always telling my students that they must ace certain grammar rule!

This is by far one of my student’s most favorite game to review/drill grammar for my middle schoolers. It does get competitive but the students are totally engaged and love it! They will ask for some more! I also use this activity as a reward for their hard work! 🙂

This is a great review game where students will race to find the correct conjugated verb on the board based on teacher’s prompt! LOTS OF FUN!

AVOIR/ETRE French Verb Race Game -grammar/conjugation game – MOUSTACHE GRAMMAIRE (Must-Ace Grammar) All Ready to print – No prep!
Game rule:
MOUSTACHE GRAMMAIRE (Must-ACE Grammar) – Verb Racing Game
* Group students in pair (2) or a group of 3 (max).
* Each group will receive 1 game sheet.
* Give each student a different color marker, pencil or highligter.
* Have student write their name at the top right of the page and color their respective dots.
* Teacher says the subject + infinitive of the verb (either in English or in French)
– for example: “We + To Be” or “Nous + Être”
* Each student have to find and point to the correct verb conjugated on the page.
* The winning student colors the moustache with their color.
* If both student point to the same moustache and they are correct, each one of them color half of the moustache.
* If there are two same verb conjugated on the sheet (2 different moustache with same verb) and both students point to the correct verb, they both color the moustache.
* At the end of the game, whoever has the most colored moustache wins the game!
Included in this set:
– Cover page – 1 page
– MOUSTACHE GRAMMAIRE – 2 versions – 2 pages
– Notes to teacher/Instructions – 1 page
Total of 4
>> Color by Verbs French Avoir -Color by Conjugation -1 Version (Bistros en France)

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