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AVOIR French Verb Game -grammar/conjugation game (MAZE)

Here is the link to all French Verb/ French Grammar/French Conjugation Game MAZE – resources on the HoustonFrenchTeacher TPT Store.

Each product is also available for other verbs. If a specific verb is not yet available, please check back later or follow my store for updates. All verbs will eventually be added, thank you so much for your patience!

Product Description
AVOIR French Verb Game -grammar/conjugation game (MAZE) All Ready to print – No prep!
Reinforcing French grammar can be challenging at times, so I always try to make my activities as fun, interactive, game-like and visually appealing for my students. Grammar is the least favorite part for middle schoolers, so I had to get creative and luckily they really enjoy this activity and want to help Mario escape the maze!

Help Mario escape the maze by conjugating all the verbs and reaching the pipe to exit and win the level! I have also included an extension activity where students have to conjugate the verb and translate all sentences. This extension activity is using the vocabulary for school supplies and classroom furniture.
This product includes 1 version of the MAZE activity and 1 EXTENSION activity.

AVOIR French Verb Game -grammar/conjugation game (MAZE) All Ready to print – No prep!
Game rule:

Students help Mario escape the maze by coloring the correct answers and the path that Mario is taking.

The second activity, students conjugate each box and translate the sentences.
(vocabulary for school supplies and classroom furniture.)
I pick 5-8 verbs and have students make sentences or I pick 5-8 sentences and have them translate.
Included in this set:
– Cover page – 1 page
– FRENCH VERB MAZE- 1 version – 1 page
– EXTENSION ACTIVITY – 1 version – 1 page
– Notes to teacher/Instructions – 1 page

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