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AVOIR French verb game board – French grammar game + Connect 4

Here is the link to all French Verb/ French Grammar Game Board – resources on the HoustonFrenchTeacher TPT Store.

Each product is also available for other verbs. If a specific verb is not yet available, please check back later or follow my store for updates. All verbs will eventually be added, thank you so much for your patience!

Product Description
AVOIR French verb game board – French grammar game (AVOIR) (Game Board 2 versions) + Connect Four (Four in a Row)

Reinforcing French grammar can be challenging at times, especially with middle schoolers who get bored so easily! With this French verb game board, your students will have so much fun while practicing French verbs/French grammar!

Help Pac-Man eat all the ghosts by conjugating all the verbs and landing on the exit of the game board!

The fun does not stop here! This product includes 2 versions of the board game and also 1 connect four page!

French verb game board – French grammar game (AVOIR) (Game Board 2 versions) + Connect Four (Four in a Row) All Ready to print – No prep!

This product includes 2 different versions of BOARD GAME and 1 CONNECT FOUR PAGE.

The bord games are available both in Color and B&W.

AVOIR French verb game board – French grammar game (AVOIR) (Game Board 2 versions) + Connect Four (Four in a Row) All Ready to print – No prep!
Game set-up:

You will need game pieces (I use pencil-top erasers or different colored paper clips) and a die. Dice are included as template where you can print and make your own dice.

Students can play as group of 2 up to 4 as a regular board game. Student can determine who start first by rolling the highest number.

Game rule:
Students roll the dice and in order to advance on the board, they will need to provide the vocabulary/answer the question either verbally or in writing. They can use the answer sheet to write down their answers (practice writing). If the student does not know the answer, he/she will remain on the same spot. Students can only advance to the number rolled if they can give the answer correctly. The first student who lands on the finish box, wins the game.
Extension of the game:
After few rounds of the board game, I usually do the following extensions.

a) Speaking Practice with face partner or shoulder partner – students will go over all the questions one by one. Student A questions student B and they take turn.

b) Writing Practice as independent practice – students will answer all the questions on the answer sheet (I use the options of the printer or copier to have 2 answer sheets per page)or you can ask students to write down the answers on their notebook or use a blank paper.

c) Exit Ticket – I usually pick 5-8 questions/pictures from the board and have students answer.
Included in this set:
-Cover page – 1 page
– Board Game – 2 pages in color
– Board Game – 2 pages in black & white
– Connect Four Game – 1 Page in black & white
– Vocabulary Word Mat – 1 page in color
– Foldable dices – 1 page
Total of 10
>> Color by Verbs French Avoir -Color by Conjugation -1 Version (Bistros en France)

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